Creative Nonfiction

Creative Nonfiction


"A History of Nomadism," a memoir essay, is forthcoming in Colorado Review (Spring 2018).

"Spider Season," a memoir essay, appears in AGNI Magazine (Issue 85, Spring 2017).

"Atlas of Bolton and Environs," a memoir essay, appears in Alaska Quarterly Review (Fall/Winter 2015). It was nominated by the editors for a Pushcart Prize.

"The Art of Bonsai," a memoir essay, appears in Catamaran Literary Reader (Winter 2016).

"Calling," a travel memoir set in West Sumatra, appears in The Common (2015). It explores Minangkabau culture -- the world's largest matrilineal society.

"Motel Childhood," a memoir essay, appears in Superstition Review (Spring 2016).

"What Is Vanishing: Some Artifacts of Saudi Arabia and Manhattan" appears in Under the Sun: A Journal of Creative Nonfiction (2017).





Interviews on Creative Nonfiction


"Fear, Love, or Both: A Question with Megan Harlan," about writing the essay, "Spider Season," appears on AGNI's Blog (June 2017).